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LebensmittelverfahrenstechnikAdvanced Training Programme for the Sugar Industry

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Advanced Training Programme for the Sugar Industry

2020 "Advanced Training Programme for the European Sugar Industry", 4 weeks (2x2 weeks), in English


    Part I: 17.02. - 28.02.2020

    Part II: 20.07. - 31.07.2020


  • Fundamentals and Balances
  • The Chemistry of Sugar - Effects on Quality
  • Balances, Optimization, Exercise 
  • Technological Quality of Beets
  • Beet Reception, Storage and Washing
  • Slicing and Slicing Machines
  • Thick Juice Storage
  • Sugar Qualtity, Conditioning and Storage 
  • Extraction and Pressing
  • Lime and Kilngas Production
  • Juice Purification
  • Pumps
  • Juice and Syrup Filtration
  • Ion Exchanger and Chromatography
  • Pulp Drying
  • Heating and Evaporation
  • Condensation
  • Crystallization
  • Cystallization Equipment
  • Centrifugation
  • Process Monitoring and Control - Online Systems
  • Lab and Process Analytics
  • Water Management
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Investment Evaluation, Maintanance Costs, Production Costs 
  • Modern Maintanance Concepts and Costs
  • Industrial Safety, Explosion Protection
  • Energy Economy
  • Heat Consumption, Sequence of Evaporators
  • Energy Management: Power Station
  • Integrated Production: Sugar, Ethanol, Biogas


Please contact Gabriele Gölz for further questions: gabriele.goelz [at] tu-berlin.de



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